Energy of Illness Operates on a Low Frequency


During an amazinGRACE® healing session the cure is transmitted to the soul by the deliberate intent of the healer, either by impulse (without touching) or by placing their hands on the affected area of the client. During healing, the concentration of low-frequency, damaging energy along with its physical symptoms, receive an impulse of the high-frequency amazinGRACE® healing energy. The client’s body, through its own intelligence, receives the energy transmission and immediately begins its corrective self-healing process, often achieving visible results with astonishing speed.

Through amazinGRACE® healing it is possible for long-term trauma or unhealthy thought patterns to be corrected, and for positivity to be restored. Over time, with amazinGRACE® healing, spontaneous remission and even miracle-healing has proven possible, too.


by San Esprit Ltd.