KAR – Karmic Atlas Release®

The first vertebra of the spinal column is called the Atlas, and it is out of place in almost everybody. Even a slightly dislocated Atlas may very well be the root cause of several discomforts, both physically and mentally.

A dislocated Atlas compresses the nerves of the spine. This pressure on the nerves may cause neck, shoulder, and back pains, as well as chronic migraines. A displaced Atlas vertebra has influence over the body’s posture and can be responsible for unaligned hips, leading to minor scoliosis, knee-problems, and much more.

In western medicine they can adjust the Atlas through chiropractic or osteopathic means, but if it is done through physical manipulation there is always risk involved.

Unlike these potentially dangerous practices, in amazinGRACE® healing our practitioners help the Atlas to readjust itself by means of energy.

With KAR – Karmic Atlas Release®, there is no potential danger or risk of injury since it works with energetic impulses only.

To readjust the Atlas with the KAR Method requires a minimum of 4 amazinGRACE® healing sessions. These sessions require hands-on application from the healer, but there is no physical manipulation of any kind (no aggressive pressure, rubbing, twisting, pushing, or pulling).

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