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The first vetebra, the Atlas, is out of place in almost everybody. This condition may be the couse of many illnesses concearning body and mind. The nerves inside the spinal column are under pressure. Which might be the cause for neck-shoulder- and backpains as well as migraines. It infuances the bodyposture and can be resposible for hips out of place leading to minor skolioses as well as knee-problems.

There is a possibility to readjust hhe atlas by means of manipulation. There are beneficial reports about this, nevertheless serious injuries have been reported as well.

With K*A*R – Karmic Atlas Release, are no dangers of manipulations involves, since it works with energetic impulses only.

To readjust the Atlas with the K*A*R Method requires minimum 4 healing sessions. These are sessions with hands on, but without any manipulation.

by San Esprit Ltd.